Yay Barca, Nay Yanks

I broke my most important sports commandment. The five commandments are as follows:

  1. Always root for Syracuse.
  2. If Syracuse is not involved, root for an Upstate New York Team.
  3. If not Upstate team, root for Team America.
  4. If not any of these, and the teams are evenly matched, root for a good game.
  5. In all other games (99% of them), Always Root for the Underdog.

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America: A Young Democracy

When did freedom ring? When did America live up to its ideals? Some would say it still hasn’t, given such things as anti-gay laws, anti-muslim laws, illegal immigration laws, and lack of prisoner rights (including, in some cases, the loss of the right to vote, indefinite detention, and, in a few notable cases, torture).

Yet for most citizens, there is a high level of freedom, and for our country a high level of democracy. But obviously this was not always the case, and certainly not solved by our independence in 1776.

Question: When did American become a full-fledged Democracy? Continue reading “America: A Young Democracy”

History / AETN work ends

I had my final day at History.com and AETN Networks. Although I am sad to go, I enjoyed greatly working for the company for six years. I was lucky to have such job security for so long, especially five years as a fulltime freelancer telecommuting from upstate NY. I will miss my coworkers and the creative environment, but look forward to new opportunities.