Presidents Podcast

I have currently produced and edited four podcasts on the American Presidents, a gossipy audio chat between a few non-historians with little accuracy (and sometimes a bit of willful ignorance).  The latest is on James Madison.

I’m in charge of the audio (using two decent mics, as well as a camera microphone for guests, recording and editing through Adobe Audition). Sometimes our dog or our heater messes up some of the audio, but overall a clear listen.

poorpete – and the shadows at night

Front cover.
Back cover.

Photographs and design are all by me. Front cover is of my camera preview rectangle played through a computer monitor (so video feedback would occur), turned the camera, and photographed the result. The back photo is of the shadow from my office window projected on the opposite wall, with two action figures atop the windowsill (you can also see shadows of my headphones and music stand). Both images were hued blue for the album.

PDF of the printable cover — Just print, cut-out, fold and tape together, with the lower flap (with title) folded with no tape to open and close with ease.