24. Judy Garland: Live at Carnegie Hall

envelopes the audience
at least the men there.

It gets exciting
Unlike screams for Beatles
doesn’t must the tunes.

There’s great city songs,
“San Francisco” “Chicago”
why not St. Louis?

“On that silver arch,
How you first kissed me that March,
Mississippi sweet,

Gosh i think you’re neat,
St. Louie you are our home!”
Million dollars, please.

22. Radiohead: Moon Shaped Pool

Once my favorite band,
The Bends, OK Computer,
were my obsession.

It’s like King of Limbs,
great and unmemorable,
pretty and morose.

They have found their sound
Johnny’s great orchestrations,
Thom’s great falsetto.

But after one week
only the first and last tracks
have stayed in my mind.

20. The Ramones: The Ramones

Easily dismissed,
If not for such catchy songs,
and punk attitude.

Track by track: Great, shit,
great, great, shit shit shit, shit, great,
good, shit, good, good, great.

Oh I don’t know why,
“Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”
deserves any praise.

You all know what’s good
You’ve heard them. Except maybe
“Havana Affair.”

19. George Michael: Faith

Five songs in I thought
Am I gonna know all these?
Damn me, he was good.

Beautiful voice, sure.
But could craft a great song too,
Damn me, he was good.

Fun picking up clues,
the religious imagery,
nods to Prince and Bo.

“Father Figure” “Faith”
“Kissing a Fool” “One More Try”
No dud on this disk.

15. Alabama Shakes: Sound & Color

Listened to this blind.
Thought, wow, this white guy can sing,
Soul and falsetto.

My apologies,
this lady kicks so much ass,
I am now a fan.

Country shoegazing
White Stripes and Strokes inspired
Soul, heart, sound, color.

Brittany: what a force!
Stereotype destroyer!
Check out “The Greatest.”

14. The Hamilton Mixtape

Nothing bad to say,
Well not true. There’s “You’ll Be Back.”
Lost its sassy-ness.

Most of the covers
Don’t beat the originals
Although “Burn” gets close.

“Immigrants” is great
“America’s ghost writers”
They get the job done.

On the next mixtape
I’d like to hear more from the
original cast!

13. twenty one pilots: Blurryface

Good and terrible.
So honest, so fake.

Fun and melodic,
Genre bending and stealing
What’s with the accents?

Jamaican accents,
your “wanted and on da run”
from simple feeeeelings.

Am I jealous? Sure.
Did I roll my eyes too much?
Sure. Probably. No.

“Polarize”, “Hometown”
Good songs, well done and harmless,
But enough of this.

8. Frank Ocean: Blonde

His beautiful voice,
His lyrics, his melodies
Dancin’, relaxin’

And like Queen Adele,
Ocean mines a broken heart
That long since healed

That’s okay with me,
To get albums this real.
Twenty sixteen’s best.

Check out “Self Control”
Hidden track is bad, but hey
So was Nevermind’s.