Library website search function

Our library site needs to work many patrons, searching for many things, many who may have limited knowledge of the web.  The library site features many original articles and information, but is also a jumping off point to other websites and resources. I created this search function to assist patrons in finding what they need.
NOPL-searchOur original search function featured only the catalog (it is still our most popular search, so it’s the default function). This still searches the catalog, as well as library events (an external site), our library site, as well as Google for those who are searching anywhere else (this is especially useful for our library computers for patron use, which is bookmarked to open to our website).

Design website producing

Complicated here. I helped curate the website of a national design company. They already had a great design, and used Squarespace to set it up. I learned how to use Squarespace’s method of web curation and editing (which were finicky at times) which leaves the user with a clean and professional website. I was mainly involved in adding in the product pages and galleries, minor site adjustments, and making the footer section editable in a single area (instead of on each page). Here’s an example of a product page:


Library website

I’ve worked at the local library for a year now. Here’s what’s been done on the website so far. website website circa May 2013

Some changes since May 2012 include:

  1. Embedded Facebook “like” widget
  2. Improved webpages for LibraryFarm, NOPL Knitters, and more.
  3. Created a “Sign up for events” widget on the right nav, which uses a schedule plug-in to keep users up-to-date on upcoming events with links to sign up.
  4. Shrunk the header to take up 50% of the vertical space it had previously used, allowing more content to move “above the fold.”
  5. Made the “six colorful boxes” into css/html code (they were originally images), improving SEO.
  6. Created separate event pages and home page promotions for the “slider” (slideshow with image).
  7. Improved catalog search function to submit on hitting enter.
  8. Reduced reliance on Flickr by using image gallery plugins available for Word Press CMS webpages.


Began work at a Library Assistant in Public Relations at the Northern Onondaga Public Library. I’ve created flyers, handouts, webpages, video promotions, took photos, wrote articles, and led the web presence (website, facebook, twitter, wordpress).

For just some of my work, visit

Doula website

Screengrab of the old Doulas of CNY website.

I assisted the Doulas of CNY with updating their website. The original site was created using tables, and I moved much of it into div tags. I created a photo gallery using embeded Flickr slideshows, resubmitted photos that were high-quality but shrunk to thumbnail size, to increase the speed of the loading time. I updated their homepage, and made occasional event updates. They remade their website for the better in 2013 (without my assistance).

History / AETN work ends

I had my final day at and AETN Networks. Although I am sad to go, I enjoyed greatly working for the company for six years. I was lucky to have such job security for so long, especially five years as a fulltime freelancer telecommuting from upstate NY. I will miss my coworkers and the creative environment, but look forward to new opportunities.

History Minisites

A small selection of the minisites that I curated for

Face to Face
Mother’s Day
The U.S. Presidents (all)
Barack Obama
John Adama
Gerald Ford
Theodore Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
13 Colonies
Seven Wonders
Ancient Rome
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
The States (all)
New York
Washington, D.C.
American Presidents
Ice Road Truckers (S:1) homepage 1 homepage 2