Cat burglar

Here’s a video of our cat Ozzy taking a dollar out of my wallet. This was staged only in that I set up the wallet, the cat, and the camera in a manner so that he would repeat what he had done earlier while I was on a conference call. It was tough to explain to the participants that I yelled “Hey! No!” and laughed because the cat had hit my wallet off the table and took out a dollar from it.

Ozzy sadly passed away in 2011, but we have plenty of great memories of him, including this.

Cider Mill

I recorded and edited this video at a local Cider Mill for a local band’s song of the same name. I was very happy to get the spirit of the song in the video, as well as a brief five-second moment where you learn cider is made.

Back in 2005 I was an assistant on this shoot, which mainly meant I was involved in throwing fake blood at my friends.

Hi On Wade

I am proud to have been one of thirty-or-so videographers for this insane video. Many of my shots ended up in the final product. I was mainly planted underneath the guitarist, Saturn Missile.