Library website

I’ve worked at the local library for a year now. Here’s what’s been done on the website so far. website website circa May 2013

Some changes since May 2012 include:

  1. Embedded Facebook “like” widget
  2. Improved webpages for LibraryFarm, NOPL Knitters, and more.
  3. Created a “Sign up for events” widget on the right nav, which uses a schedule plug-in to keep users up-to-date on upcoming events with links to sign up.
  4. Shrunk the header to take up 50% of the vertical space it had previously used, allowing more content to move “above the fold.”
  5. Made the “six colorful boxes” into css/html code (they were originally images), improving SEO.
  6. Created separate event pages and home page promotions for the “slider” (slideshow with image).
  7. Improved catalog search function to submit on hitting enter.
  8. Reduced reliance on Flickr by using image gallery plugins available for Word Press CMS webpages.