America: A Young Democracy

When did freedom ring? When did America live up to its ideals? Some would say it still hasn’t, given such things as anti-gay laws, anti-muslim laws, illegal immigration laws, and lack of prisoner rights (including, in some cases, the loss of the right to vote, indefinite detention, and, in a few notable cases, torture).

Yet for most citizens, there is a high level of freedom, and for our country a high level of democracy. But obviously this was not always the case, and certainly not solved by our independence in 1776.

Question: When did American become a full-fledged Democracy? Continue reading “America: A Young Democracy”

History / AETN work ends

I had my final day at and AETN Networks. Although I am sad to go, I enjoyed greatly working for the company for six years. I was lucky to have such job security for so long, especially five years as a fulltime freelancer telecommuting from upstate NY. I will miss my coworkers and the creative environment, but look forward to new opportunities.

History Minisites

A small selection of the minisites that I curated for

Face to Face
Mother’s Day
The U.S. Presidents (all)
Barack Obama
John Adama
Gerald Ford
Theodore Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
13 Colonies
Seven Wonders
Ancient Rome
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
The States (all)
New York
Washington, D.C.
American Presidents
Ice Road Truckers (S:1) homepage 1 homepage 2

poorpete – and the shadows at night

Front cover.
Back cover.

Photographs and design are all by me. Front cover is of my camera preview rectangle played through a computer monitor (so video feedback would occur), turned the camera, and photographed the result. The back photo is of the shadow from my office window projected on the opposite wall, with two action figures atop the windowsill (you can also see shadows of my headphones and music stand). Both images were hued blue for the album.

PDF of the printable cover — Just print, cut-out, fold and tape together, with the lower flap (with title) folded with no tape to open and close with ease.

Cat burglar

Here’s a video of our cat Ozzy taking a dollar out of my wallet. This was staged only in that I set up the wallet, the cat, and the camera in a manner so that he would repeat what he had done earlier while I was on a conference call. It was tough to explain to the participants that I yelled “Hey! No!” and laughed because the cat had hit my wallet off the table and took out a dollar from it.

Ozzy sadly passed away in 2011, but we have plenty of great memories of him, including this.

Cider Mill

I recorded and edited this video at a local Cider Mill for a local band’s song of the same name. I was very happy to get the spirit of the song in the video, as well as a brief five-second moment where you learn cider is made.

Back in 2005 I was an assistant on this shoot, which mainly meant I was involved in throwing fake blood at my friends.

Hi On Wade

I am proud to have been one of thirty-or-so videographers for this insane video. Many of my shots ended up in the final product. I was mainly planted underneath the guitarist, Saturn Missile.