What’s a What What?

This is a game where you take turns creating definitions, creating clever similarities and working cooperatively.

Player 1 says a statement, like “I pet a cow today.”

Player 2 asks for a definition for one of the words, like “what’s a cow?”

Player 1 answers with a correct definition that is not so exact as to mean just that word, like “a cow is black and white.”

Player 2 then asks confirmation that the answer fits the definition of a different word, like “oh, you mean like an Oreo?”

Player 1 then asks what that new word means, like “what’s an Oreo?”

Player 2 defines the word in a new way, like “an Oreo is a layered food item”

Player 1 then asks the confirmation question, like “oh you mean like a sandwich”

And then it goes on and on until exhaustion (or joy).